Wedding Destination Hotspot: Pier Suite in Pensacola Florida

Pier Suite owners, Laura and Michelle, were recently interviewed about one of Pensacola Beach, Florida’s premier wedding and event venues. See inside the gorgeous space and experience Pier Suite’s unobstructed balcony view of the breath-taking Gulf Coast.

Host: We’re in Pensacola Beach, Florida, my first time here and I love it! We are in Pier Suite Event Space with founder Laura Pinzone. Tell me what prompted you to open up a space like this?

Laura: I’ve always loved watching those wedding shows on TV, like on TLC, and so my husband and I have the contract for the pier and we built these buildings. We were going to put our restaurant here first, and then I decided hey – why don’t we turn these into a venue space? So I went to Michelle and said, “We could have this amazing space on the third floor on the pier but we have to make a decision now.” And then Michelle went and thought about it and we decided to do it, so here we are.

Host: I’m feeling the vibes. You have obviously the gorgeous ocean, the view, and all of that. But what makes this location in Pensacola so special?

Laura: Well this is known as the core of the island. This is where all of the restaurants are, where all the  music is. This is where everyone comes to the public beach. We offer a private balcony, which most places on the beach – a venue space or hotels – do not have a private balcony where other guests can join you. 

Host: Again my first time here and the sunsets are just magical. So, when you have the view, you have just this amazing atmosphere to create the special day. So is it primarily weddings?

Laura: I will say we do a lot of weddings. A lot of our wedding couples are happy because they don’t have to step foot in the sand and they can still enjoy that beautiful view on the balcony, so most of our brides get married on the balcony. But we do birthday parties, engagement parties, retirement parties, and we’ve even done business classes here. But we do mostly weddings and most of our events – I’d say 80% – are destination weddings.

Host: I’m here with Michelle Wardlaw, one of the founders of Pier Suite. What is your favorite thing about the space? Obviously the view is great, but what do you love about it?

Michelle: What I love about it is the flexibility of what it can be. So, it has that luxurious feeling. You can make it as casual as you want with barbeque, or you can make it something very luxurious like an oceanfront premier property. You can really adjust the space for that, and I Love that about our space. It’s very flexible with how you want your celebration to feel.

Host: That’s a great point because when you think of different hotels, there are fixtures you cannot change. And if it doesn’t go along with your aesthetic, then it’s just going to clash.

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About Pier Suite Events

Pier Suite Event and Wedding Venue is just a few steps away from Pensacola Beach for breathtaking photos or first looks and is one of the only beachside event venues available in the Pensacola, Florida area.

The versatile event space floor plan acts as a blank canvas for couples to create a design that best suits their personal style. At Pier Suite Events, we provide the tables, linens, chairs, and space. Couples love that they get to customize the rest of the details to their exact taste. We can help guide you in choosing the perfect team of vendors that fits your needs.

A spacious balcony with an unobstructed view of the gorgeous Gulf Coast sits just outside the ballroom doors and makes an ideal space for celebrations under the sun.

Pier Suite owners, Laura and Michelle, love working with couples to help bring their dream wedding to life. Wedding packages include tables, linens, chairs, and the space. Click to review pricing or take a virtual tour of our beachside wedding venue.